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A Holocaust Story of Love and Partisan Resistance

Memorabilia from Rome, Italy

Displaced Person's Camp

The 'Bart Family Collection' that includes original letters, postcards, photos and other memorabilia used to document UNTIL OUR LAST BREATH will be permanently archived at the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum in Washington D.C.

Rome - 1945

After the war under Soviet control, Vilna was renamed Vilnius. When my parents departed the city they traveled to Lublin, then to my father's hometown of Hrubieshov and then back to Lublin. Next they traveled to Bucharest, Romania often on tops of trains. Shortly after wars end, my parents arrived in Rome, Italy in June of 1945. They found refuge for a short while at the Cinecitta Displaced Person Camp and my dad was able to get a job working for the American Joint Distribution Center in Italy. My parents went to the Chief Rabbi of Rome who certified their marriage in the Vilna ghetto that had been witnessed by Issac Alter and Abram Dimitrowski.

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