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Partisans Liberate Vilna
July 13, 1944

Eight-part Documentary Series on Blu-ray Disc

Eight Blu-ray Discs, 8 hours : 30 minutes - By Bonnie Bart, all rights reserved. Copyright 2017

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Nekamah Freedom Fighters

Nekamah Freedom Fighters: Partisans Liberate Vilna on July, 13 1944 is an eight part series about prewar Vilna, the German invasion, the Vilna Ghetto, and the Partisans of Vilna. USC Shoah Foundation has provided many hours of video interviews from survivors who were in the Vilna Ghetto, and interviews from former partisan fighters. This powerful documentary series is based on firsthand accounts of actual events, and contains the following episodes:
1. Prewar Vilna & the German invasion
2. Formation of ghettos in Vilna
3. Resistance movement in the ghetto
4. Escape to the forest
5. Liquidation of the Vilna Ghetto
6. Partisans activities in the Rudnicki Forest
7. Liberation of Vilna
8. Bricha, and the departure of survivors to other countries

This video series is available at the UC San Diego Library.

Presented at UCSD on March 14, 2018
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Music by Orange County Klezmers - Echoes of Vilna. Click to hear: Partisan Song.