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A Holocaust Story of Love and Partisan Resistance

Memorabilia from Liberation

Photos taken July 14, 1944

The 'Bart Family Collection' that includes original letters, postcards, photos and other memorabilia used to document UNTIL OUR LAST BREATH will be permanently archived at the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum in Washington D.C.

Pravda Newspaper Article - 1944

When the Red Army together with the Partisans of Vilna liberated the city, Ilya Ehrenburg, a well known journalist, was in Vilna to record the event. Ehrenburg, a Russian Jew, wrote articles about the Jewish partisans that were published in both Pravda and Red Star. Here is an article that was saved by my father. He is pictured coming into Vilna with the "Avengers" group in the top right photo in the far back. In additon to the article he saved, my father was given an original photo of the Avengers group return into the city at liberation that he kept with him and is in my possession today.

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